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Denton County Contract Attorney

If you need a attorney to review any kind of contract or will, contact our office for a free consultation

There are numerous other service that we offer to our clients. Below are just a few more that we would love to assist you with. By no means is this an all inclusive list. If you need assistance with anything that you did not see listed, feel free to contact us directly.

Entertainment and SAG Contract Review

Having an understanding of entertainment law in North Texas is useful in reviewing and preparing contracts for entertainment purposes. Understanding the intricacies of SAG and their particulars is necessary when dealing with these contracts.

Simple Will Packages

Most of Americans do not have documents necessary to express their last wishes, which leaves these decisions in the hands of relatives and the government. Preparation is necessary to relieve our loved ones of trying to make those decisions that we should have made.

Collections Defense

Sometimes we get in over our head with creditors. Often these companies file improperly and have flawed pleadings. An experienced attorney can protect you from invalid credit collection lawsuits.

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We work hard to be more than just legal representatives for our clients:

We aim to change people’s lives for the better.

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