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We understand how delicate families are and this is why we handle each and every Family Law matter with great care. We practice in all areas of Family Law and strive to provide you with the personal attention you deserve in your time of need.

Uncontested and Contested Divorces
Divorce can be fairly simple or extremely difficult. A good attorney who understands the client's needs is essential in facilitating the seperation process and protecting the client's interests.

Child Support, Custody, and Visitation Modification
Sometimes it becomes necessary to change previous court orders regarding child support, conservatorship, visitation, or some other issue within the order. We can assist you in making these changes.

The State of Texas is a Community Proprty State. This means that everything other than seperate property, belong to the marital community. Under this concept, a 50/50 split will be the presumed by the Court.

The process of seeking legal confirmation of an adoption from the Court can be difficult and confusing. There is a lot of paperwork that an experienced attorney can make much easier. Please do not hesitate to contact us in assisting you with your new addition.

Ad Litem Appointments
Courts may appoint an Ad Litem to act on behalf of someone who may not be able to act for themselves in a legal capacity. This is common in cases where children or those with diminished mental capacity are involved. An ad litem is usually requested in adoptions to inform the court of the child's best interest.

Enforcement and Contempt of Court Actions
There are often instances when a dispute arises post-divorce where one party is failing to follow the court order. This is when modifications and enforcements must be pursued. This remedy aids in enforcing accountabily, so that each party is bligated to uphold their end of the bargain.

Child Protective Services (CPS)
If you have been contacted by CPS then you likely will wish to speak with an attorney. The legilature has given CPS broad authority to investigate cases affecting children and their welfare. Sometimes, they may take custody of your children in emergency situations, but within days they must have the approval of a Judge. It is extremely important to cooperate with this organization and to understand how your actions will affect the case.

If you are stopped for suspicion of DWI you have the right to refuse the breath test, but refusing may be used against you in trial and may result in a more severe lisence suspension. Typically, when your breath specimin is requested, you are already under arrest. Unless you are 100% certain you will pass, you should not take the test.

"Nobody's perfect," we all make mistakes. What is important, is how we allow these mistake to affect our lives and what we can do to learn from them and move on. Our firm does everything we can to aid you in making things right so you too can move on. We address every case individually, so we can help you to have the best understanding of your legal options and the consequences, to help you make the best decision. Here is a list of a few of the criminal matters we can help you with.

DWI (Driving While Intoxicated)
It is imperative that you contact an attorney immediately if you are arrested for DWI because you only have 15 days to request a hearing on the suspension of your Driver's License. Futhermore, it is important to pick the right attorney if you are dealing with a subsequent DWI as the consequences increase severely. We try to do more than some of the other attorneys. We try to help you deal with your abuse problems and get you the help you need.
Assault and Assault Family Violence
Assaults come in all sizes. In some cases they can be filed and classified as a Class A misdemeanor, resulting in a sentence of up to one (1) year in jail. In all cases, obtaining legal representation is very important. Even probation on an Assault Family Violence conviction can have huge consequences.

Possession of Marijuana/Controlled Substance
Drug offenses can have serious consequenses which makes it important to hire a skilled attorney who understands these types of offenses. Beyond the initial charge, there can be any number of issues that need to be addressed. For this reason, a knowledgable attorney is a necessity.

Shopplifting, Theft, and Theft by Check
The seriousness of the theft charge depends on the value or amount stolen. You can be charged with theft from a store, theft by writing a bad check, theft from an employer, and many other form of theft. Theft is very serious because it is considered a "crime of moral turpitude" and can follow you the rest of your life. It is important you understand all of your options and the the consequences that go along with if you are charged with a theft offense.

Juvenile Defense
Juvenile law is very unique in that your attorney needs to be familiar with the more than just criminal law. A juvenile arrest could result in school suspension or expulsion and placement in an alternative school. If your juvenile is detained, it is important you contact an attorney as soon as possible so that your child's rights can be protected.

Evading/Resisting Arrest and Fail to ID
These as well as other similar offenses involve your encounter with a police officer and these laws are constantly changing. It is important that you find an attorney that understands these laws so that your rights are protected.

Administrative Licesnse Review Hearings
When your driver's license is been suspended, typically you are entitled to a hearing to determine whether or not the suspension is proper. Suspensions resulting from DWIs and DUIs only allow 15 days to request this hearing. It is important you hire an attorney quickly to protect your rights in these hearings.

Occupational Driver's License
If your license has been suspended, you may be eligible for a restricted license limited to driving to work and for essential household needs. In most cases you will need to participate in a hearing is required to show the judge why you need the occupational license.

Expunctions and Non-Disclosures
If your misdemeanor was dismissed, or the charges were never brought after an arrest, you may be eligible for an Expunction. Expunctions are important because they clean up all records of your arrest and/or charges. Non-disclosures allow you to keep your deferred adjudication disposition from being released to the public. If you have received deferred adjudication, you may be eligible for a non-disclosure.

Class C Misdemeanors and Tickets are often considered a waste of time by people and attorneys alike. Our goal is to save you time and the grief of dealing with the ticket. In most cases we can keep these offenses off of your record while saving you a considerable amount of money and headache.

DUI Minor (Driving Under the Influence)
Although DUI Minor is only a Class C Misdemeanor, is it essential that you contact an attorney if you arrested for this offense because it has some serious repercussions. Like a DWI, you only have 15 days to request a hearing on the suspension of your Driver's License, so do not delay.

Speeding and Other Moving Violations
When you are found guilty to moving violations, you may be assessed traffic points by the State of Texas. When you accumulate enough points, you must pay annual surcharges in order to retain your license.

The State of Texas uses a point system regarding convictions for moving violations. If you receive too many points, DPS will suspend your driver's license and/or you may also have to pay surcharges to keep your driving privileges. Simply paying a ticket results in a conviction and points on your driving record.

No Insurance Tickets (FMFR)
Besides an expensive court fine, a conviction for Failure to Maintain Finiacial Responsibility better known as a "No Insurance" ticket can be very costly just to drive. DSP charges an anual surcharge for FMFR convictions in order to keep driving and subsequent convictions can cost you your license.

Minor In Possession/Consupmtion
While no jail time can be imposed, offenders can be fined up to $500 for the offense. Many people qualify for deferred adjudication, keeping the offense off you record. Usually a fine is imposed, a few hours of community service, and an alcohol awareness class is required.

Other Offenses
We can handle just about every Class C offense you can think of and more importantly, we are willing to take them to trial if necessary. Most citations can easily be negotiated and potentially dismissed. contact us today if you have any questions about a ticket you have received.

We focus on helping people who have been injured as a result someone else's negligence. We have helped people and their family members obtain compensation for their injuries. Our goal is provide skilled representation to you and your family for injuries caused by the fault of another.

Automobile Accidents
We help people secure compensation for injuries sustained in accidents caused by a drunk or careless driver. Our goal is to see that you get the proper medical treatment you need.

Truck/18 Wheeler Accidents
Tractor Trailer Truck and 18 Wheeler accidents can cause catastrophic injuries due to the great size and hazardous cargo of these trucks. We have experience with accidents caused by all types of trucks.

Motorcycle Accidents
As Motorcycle riders ourselves, we understand the prejudice against riders that some other people feel. We work hard get motorcycle riders compensation for injuries.

Pedestrian Accidents
Pedestrian accidents caused by drivers of motor vehicles can be very serious. These can involve brain injuries, broken limbs, and sometimes, even spinal cord injuries. Sometimes this can result in loss of bodily functions, paralysis, and permanent disability. We can help with claims related to these damages.

There are numerous other service that we offer to our clients. Below are just a few more that we would love to assist you with. By no means is this an all inclusive list. If you need assistance with anything that you did not see listed, feel free to contact us directly.

Entertainment and SAG Contract Review
Having an understanding of entertainment law in North Texas is useful in reviewing and preparing contracts for entertainment purposes. Understanding the intricacies of SAG and their particulars is necessary when dealing with these contracts.

Simple Will Packages
Most of Americans do not have documents necessary to express their last wishes, which leaves these decisions in the hands of relatives and the government. Preperation is necessary to relieve our loved ones of trying to make those decisions that we should have made.

Collections Defense
Sometimes we get in over our head with creditors. Often these companies file improperly and have flawed pleadings. An experienced attorney can protect you from invalid credit collection lawsuits.