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Class C Misdemeanors and Tickets are often considered a waste of time by people and attorneys alike. Our goal is to save you time and the grief of dealing with the ticket. In most cases we can keep these offenses off of your record while saving you a considerable amount of money and headache.

DUI Minor (Driving Under the Influence)

Although DUI Minor is only a Class C Misdemeanor, is it essential that you contact an attorney if you arrested for this offense because it has some serious repercussions. Like a DWI, you only have 15 days to request a hearing on the suspension of your Driver’s License, so do not delay.

Speeding and Other Moving Violations

When you are found guilty to moving violations, you may be assessed traffic points by the State of Texas. When you accumulate enough points, you must pay annual surcharges in order to retain your license.

No Insurance Tickets (FMFR)

Besides an expensive court fine, a conviction for Failure to Maintain Financial Responsibility better known as a “No Insurance” ticket can be very costly just to drive. DSP charges an annual surcharge for FMFR convictions in order to keep driving and subsequent convictions can cost you your license.

Minor In Possession/Consumption

While no jail time can be imposed, offenders can be fined up to $500 for the offense. Many people qualify for deferred adjudication, keeping the offense off you record. Usually a fine is imposed, a few hours of community service, and an alcohol awareness class is required.

Other Offenses

We can handle just about every Class C offense you can think of and more importantly, we are willing to take them to trial if necessary. Most citations can easily be negotiated and potentially dismissed. contact us today if you have any questions about a ticket you have received.

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