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A general practice law firm in the Town of Flower Mound, located in Denton County, dedicated helping you handle the stress as well as your legal conflicts. We know that you want straightforward legal advice that leads to a quick and successful resolution. For this we are determined to provide you with the knowledge to make the most informed decisions.

The laws we live by are constantly changing, both by congress and by the judges' interpretation. Below you can find some recent changes in the law.
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Rothgery v. Gillespie County, ___ U.S. ___ (2008)

State doesn't have to commit itself to prosecute before the 6th right to counsel attaches

H.B. No. 448

Raises the cap on net resources subject to the child support formula from $6,000 to $7,500.

We understand how delicate families are and handle each and every case with great care.

Our firm does everything we can to aid you in making things right so we can help you move on.

We focus on helping people who have been injured as a result someone else's negligence.